SPAIN DIVISION 2: 12BET preview Deportivo La Coruna Vs Cartagena 1/29 11PM GMT+8

Concerning matches played at home against the bottom 6 this season Deportivo La Coruna has collected 2.71 points on average in 7 matches. When looking at matches played away against the top 6 this season Cartagena has collected 0.33 points on average in 3 matches.

Bluffing in Sit-and-Go Tournaments

Don’t try to pull off a last second power bluff on the river. Play as if you’re holding strong cards throughout the entirety of the hand. Use your tight image to make strong situational bluffs. When you are caught trying to bluff, use your busted play to collect more chips when you’re holding monster hands.

Australian Open Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs Rafael Nadal (ESP) ATP

Yet when the final rolled around, he beat Federer - who had an extra day to rest - in five sets that reduced the usually composed Swiss player to tears. Now a weary Djokovic has less than 48 hours to prepare to face Nadal, one of the most fit players in the game.

If you are going [...]


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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Match Preview: Juventus Vs. AC Milan - Super Mario Misses Another Important Match

With Super Mario (Mario Balotelli) serving his three-game ban, a cloud of doubt looms over the Rossoneri’s side. An iota of skepticism bogs down Allegri and his men as they try to strengthen their bid for the coveted Champions League spot.

Missing Super Mario
Indeed, the Rossoneri is not just about Super Mario. But the latter’s absence during their match against the Partenopei forced the squad to make major adjustments and play undermanned—well literally.

Mathieu Flamini rose to the challenge. But the Flamini’s flame did not last long enough to seal the match. Gorav Pandev immediately answered back and served as the match’s equalizer and left the Rossoneri’s trailing by four (4) points on Serie’s team standings.

It is through such occasion—that nail-biting moment, which begs for a tie-breaker that the Balotelli- El Shaarway tandem is greatly missed.

Speaking of El Shaarway, it wasn’t until the 73rd minute that the striker entered the game. Obviously, Allegri’s move speaks well of his intention to keep El Shaarway on tiptop shape against the Bianconeri.

Odds as of 17 April 2013
Striker drought?
Secured of their Champions League spot and sitting comfortably on top of Serie’s football hierarchy, Juventus aggregate loss against Bayern points at the Biaconeri’s goal drought.

Whilst Mirko Vucinic argues that bringing in another striker is no longer necessary, the team seems to think otherwise.

Should Juventus continue playing in this manner, the squad still, keeps the top spot. But the succeeding games might require more effort in order to retain the leaderboard hold.

The verdict
12BET picks Juventus as favorites with a 1.750 odds. The Biaconeri must secure a goal (1) to overcome AC Milan’s 0.5 Asian handicap.

Photo Credit: Caughtoffside

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Match Preview: AC Milan Vs. Napoli

Once again, San Siro shall witness a nail-biting match as A.C Milan and Napoli meet in a face-off battle that shall determine their fate both in Serie and in Champions League.

Up by just four (4) points, the odds seem to work in favor of the Partenopei. The squad just sealed the second spot in Serie after clinching a 2-0 win against the already relegated, Genoa. Napoli is also expected to take advantage of Balotelli’s absence should his 3-match ban push through.

Speaking of Balotelli’s ban, the Rossoneri goes down the wire to appeal and possibly lower Balotelli’s ban to two (2). The sanction was handed over when the renowned midfielder insulted one of the refs after a battle against Fiorentina.

Statistically, AC Milan has won eight (8) of their most recent home matches. But this cannot assure a swift win since the squad will most likely play undermanned.

Likewise, home advantage brings little impact when playing against one of the most defensive teams across Serie.

All eyes are also set on two (2) strikers, El Shaarawy and Cavani. El Shaaraway is said to experience a goal drought, while Cavani seems to perform otherwise.

Interestingly, betting odds tend to favor AC Milan. The squad stands as clear favorites in 12BET. The Rossoneris win, with a 2.420 odds. They  need to make at least two (2) goals to overcome the Partenopei’s Asian handicap of 0.5-1.

Odds as of 12 April 2013

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